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"Higher vaccination rates help to reopen the economy"

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Investors focus on Covid vaccination rates. Equity valuations and sentiment indicators are proof that a lot of optimism is already priced in, says CIO Felix Brill.

"The more people have been vaccinated the more likely it is that economies reopen as we see it in the US and the UK", says CIO Felix Brill, in our new video format "Our View – The Questions". This format complements the monthly update on our portfolio including the assessment of the asset classes.

Europe is lagging and that is one of the reasons to remain the overweight in European equities because there is room for improvement. On top of that, "we see that the European stocks are not as highly valued as US stocks".

Equity markets as whole have had a good run this year already and sentiment indicators "are a reason for cautiousness", as Brill puts it. Temporary setbacks may occur which would be a buying opportunity.

Our View - The Questions

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