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29.11.2021  ·  Media release
VP Bank lays the groundwork for innovative solutions in the field of digital assets by being the first Liechtenstein bank to successfully tokenise a work of art.

VP Bank announces its registration in the Token and TT Service Provider Register (Liechtenstein Tokens and TT Service Providers Act – TTTA) by the Financial Market Authority (FMA) Liechtenstein. As a result, VP Bank has opened up a wide range of new solutions for its clients involving the digitisation of assets.

19.11.2021  ·  News from the financial markets
Dollar and franc flying high … for now

The economic risks associated with the shortage of materials are currently supporting currencies that are considered "safe havens". 

15.11.2021  ·  Our View - The Questions
«Optimistic for 2022»

Companies' supply bottlenecks are slowing growth in the short term, says VP Bank CIO Felix Brill. Nevertheless, he is optimistic for the coming year.

09.11.2021  ·  Our View
The Fed has learnt from the past

Equity markets have recovered from their interim setback and a whole series of sentiment indicators show a renewed increase in risk appetite. With that, the Investment Committee has decided to stick to the current tactical positioning.

08.11.2021  ·  Media release
VP Bank appoints Dr Lars Kaiser as Head Group Sustainability

VP Bank has appointed Dr Lars Kaiser as Head Group Sustainability. Dr Kaiser will report directly to the Chief Investment Officer and Chairman of the Sustainability Board at VP Bank, and will assume his new role on 1 March 2022.

28.10.2021  ·  News from the financial markets
Impending sea change in monetary policy

The tighter monetary policy is likely to lead to a reduction in securities purchases.

21.10.2021  ·  Investment ideas
Thematic investing: Health and demographic change

Sustainable and thematic investing: In the second part of the investment ideas series, we look at the opportunities for investors arising from the improvement of the healthcare system and longer life expectancy.  

18.10.2021  ·  Media release
VP Bank partners with the ETH AI Center

VP Bank announces that it has partnered with the Center for Artificial Intelligence at ETH Zurich. With this step, VP Bank is pursing its strategic goal to become an international open wealth service pioneer.

12.10.2021  ·  Our View
The next round of catch-up effects is already waiting

Catch-up effects will occur as soon as the material and supply situation begins to ease. We confirm our current portfolio positioning and consider gold and insurance-linked securities interesting from a tactical perspective.